Help Build Membership Site (MVP + possible long-term)

Hi, looking for help to develop MVP of a membership site. I share more details in this 6min video:

Not sure how important is to consider structure at this stage, but I touched on a big picture of a project as well.

What’s most important currently is to have that one page developed so that it functions well, people can start using a platform and I begin collecting feedback. So our focus will be on that only. Should we make it successful it can prove to be a long-term project for us to work together.

More details upon request.

If you are interested, please contact by emailing to [email protected]. We can work on this via Upwork, any other freelancer platform or as per your suggestions.

Thanks for checking out.

  • William

Hi William,

I sent you an email with my profile and links to some of my work from [email protected]. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Anil