Help CAD MDT creation

Can anyone create me a CAD and MDT for a roleplay group?

Rogue Solutions

Formerly known as TMM TECH.
17 different products.
15 different cads.
2 different application systems.
2 cads with unlimited departments.
275 plus separate products being used today.
500 plus members.
VPS and website design.
Discord bot assistance.
If you are interested in taking a look at what we have to offer please click the link below.
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Hello, I am Armored Eagle, Founder of Eagle Technology. You might be wondering what Eagle Technology has to offer or what it even is? If so, you have come to the right place. Eagle Technology is a company that has been around since early 2018. We offer Bubble CAD/MDTs, websites, coming soon are PHP CAD/MDTs, FiveM Server hosting, Premade Logos and media packages, and also a current sale active. If this sounds like something you want, feel free to join the Discord. You can see the premade logos and media packages I have on my Twitter. I have a website that has already been made for one of my customers “BxRich” if you want to look at it. Have questions? Feel free to join the Discord and open a Ticket. I or a support member will look at it as soon as we are available. Thank you for reading and hope to see you as a customer!

Add me on discord Proteeen#5092