Help! Checkboxes, What is the best way for me to go forward?

Hi All,

Hope you guys can help me out.

In the picture I have uploaded, what is the best way to go forward for me?

How it need to work is once you click on the save button, that all the information in the NGO profile will be saved. Saved in the database, - that I already managed :D, but also saved for the user itself. I have managed to do this for the NGO Name input, NGO Logo input and the NGO activity description multiline input. Where I have difficulties with are the checkboxes. The most beautiful solution would be that the checkboxes which aren’t checked are after clicking on save not on the updated form anymore. But I am not even sure if Bubble goes that far. Otherwise that is also shows the none selected checkboxes wouldn’t be a problem. But preferbably not.

My questions to you:

  1. The checkboxes now are not in a repeating group, should I do this?
  2. How should I make all the data in the NGO profile visible. Could somebody explain this in steps based on the uploaded picture.
  3. Are here also some Bubble expers who I can contact the coming weeks once I am stuck again and of course pay for their help. Once I see it, I understand it much quicker. I have now the idea that I am sometimes stuck for too long.

Thanking you all in advance and hope you can help me out :smiley:

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Are you setting a state after the checkboxes are ticked?
Eg. ‘set state of existing state list plus item: x’.

Difficult to understand exactly what you wish to do…

If the checkboxes are just to show this profile has the following features and they don’t need user interaction then maybe just use an icon.

Yes I would put them in a repeating group