Help connecting Bubble to Tradegecko pls : )

Hi guys,

I’m very new to Bubble and loving it! I’ve read everything I could find to help me connect my Bubble app to our inventory mgt web app, Tradegecko but I’m stuck. I keep getting this error:

If you could please have a look at my set up and let me know what I’m doing wrong that’d be awesome!

Thank you!


This is where the Tradegecko API authentication documentation is:

That documentation lists two endpoints for authorization. I tried both in the Bubble connector field called ‘Login Redirect Dialogue’ to pass the redirect URI :[…deleted digits…]5c9e&redirect_uri=[…deleted digits…]5c9e&redirect_uri=

Neither worked. (Should I be including or excluding the < > ?

I’ve tested in run mode to initialize the API but no luck

Thank you again guys!!