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Help: "Cookies are not authorized, we will not send any data."

I have embeded a Loom video in a page using the HTML element. When a new user visits the page, I display a GDRP cookie consent message. If the user selects “Allow cookies”, it triggers a workflow that opts the user in to cookies.

On Chrome, this works and the video plays as expected.

However, on Safari, the video does not display. Even after the user clicks “Allow cookies” the video still does not display.

In the console, I can see: “Cookies are not authorized, we will not send any data.”

Any ideas how to solve this?

Is the html element loading a different website?
Safari doesn’t allow 3rd party cookies - that’s why you’re getting the error.

A way to fix it is if you have control over both your bubble app and the iframe, by using the same domain host.

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