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HELP! Create-Update Data Type's SLUG from Backend Workflows

Hello there!

I have this app, that it’s creating a Thing called Creator and it’s super important to have each Creator with its unique SLUG.

As you can create a Creator Thing from different parts of the app, I’ve decided to make it an API backend workflow.

Where creator-slug is a text variable, to update the Step1 new Creator

But for some reason… It get’s updated in the database

But when I try to call the Creator’s Slug… it’s empty!

I’m driving myself crazy here!!! I can see the Creator’s slug in the database, but is like the whole app doesn’t recognizes there’s any slug at all!!

Is it because you can’t create-update slugs from backend workflows?

Note: this was working wonderfully, but as workflows from each page where I needed to create a Creator… Since I’ve tried to consolidate the Creators creation workflow in the backend workflows this began to happen!

Pls help guys!

What user is it returning as ‘current user’? Do you actually have a user logged in when you are previewing?

yes indeed, it’s a step after the user is signed up. you cannot see the options for creating a Creator before you signed up

Maybe check your privacy rules then.

If it’s in the database then your backend workflow is working and it’s not to do with that.

It will be an issue with displaying the data in the element, either the constraints, conditionals or privacy rules.

For some reason, I did a rollback to previous deploy. And I re-did everything again and it worked, with no changes at all!
Thanks for the message though!

Ive had this happen to me when I started. Bubble is super tricky, well the UI is super tricky. We have to use Group Containers within Group Containers if we want our programs to run like we are designing them to . So if you make a mistake like accidently grab a Group Container and moved it slightly out of its parent group container, you run the risk of making your app not work. Its super stupid. But thats how it works. So as a tip, its super wise to name your groups as you go, and not use the bubble defaults. Example: Tab 1 - Summary Main Group Container, 2nd box inside that one Tab 1.1 - Summary Group Container, next one after that one Tab 1.2 - Summary RG Stats, etc

You did a rollback was probably what saved you. But when you forget to save somewhere in your projects, just remember this tip. Its super handy and useful. All my elements, inputs, text boxes, group and repeating rg (RG) all are named. I name my text boxes like Directory text, instead of the default they add, Text Directory. I find things more quickly because i know im working in the directory so ill look for things named directory, etc.

Hope this helps you.

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