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Help creating a copywriting Saas

Hey there! Awesome idea and product!

I’m a copywriter. I’m wanting to create an app that automatically grades headlines. Basically, I want to take the knowledge in my head and put it into an app so that it grade the customer’s headline when they input it.

This requires, for instance, that I create a database for “common,” “uncommon,” “emotional,” and “power” words. The app would then need to take the user’s input and search for those words against the database. It would then need to calculate an overall score and other data based on the results.

I’m wondering how much of this Bubble can do natively, and how much of the logic I’ll have to get coded in Java.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

Hey Tommy

The front end and the flow is something you can do natively in Bubble, including saving entries in the database. What it sounds you may have to code manually is the search function for these words, though it depends on what you’re trying to achieve, you can do a lot with our constraints system for searches. In case you need to write a script, you can actually use blockspring to code your own blocks and use (we’re deploying this this week).


Thanks! I’m thinking now of starting with something simpler. So basically, the user would sign up, log in and then be able to upload an article or blog post for me to proof read for quality and analyse for virality potential.

I would then send the article back to them along with a report. This would have Stripe integration.

I imagine this is something that could be done natively and fairly simply in Bubble, correct?


Yes :smile: It’s very much what Bubble can do. you should do the lesson sign up, cities and send data to pages (first, ideally you should do all of them…)