Help: Creating a pipedrive effect using repeating groups

Hi, I am trying to build pipedrive like effect where one can move items from one stage to the other with a drag and drop feature. There are two issues that I am facing:

  1. While I am able to show the item in the data table under a particular stage, I am not able to filter the order items under the relevant stage
  2. I would like to be able to change the stage of data item being moved based on the stage it is dropped under.

I have 4 stages for an order: like ordered, packaged and say shipped. For this I have created a repeating table which displays these stage names horizontally. I have created repeating group under each stage name where it can list the orders within the repeating group.

The first issue described above is that I dont know how to filter the order listed under a stage name say ordered based on the stage of the order.

The second point listed above is that when a item moves from ordered to packaged I want to provide a feature where the user just drag drops the order item to under the packaged stage title. When it is dropped I would like it to remain under the stage it is moved under and also at the backend have the status of the order changed as well.

Looking for help on how to go about it…

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