Help creating post layout options for users

I’m creating a tiny blog site where each posting has several “pages” and want to give users several options for page layouts for each “page”. I thought I would do this by adding group layouts to the database but I’m not sure this is a possibility.

I want the user to be able to choose a layout for each page as they are comparing their posts.

How would you go about arranging this?

Suggested database structure:

Layout (options set)
-Add 4 options > 1,2,3,4

-Name (text)
-Layout (layout options set)

Blog post
-Title (text)
-Pages (list of pages)

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Thanks. How do I go about assigning the group layout to the database?



Oh. Sorry. I got that part. But how about actually assigning the group layout to that particular data set. So that when the user chooses option 1 they app knows to assign that group layout to the post?

I overcomplicated this … but this is one way to do this (it assumes that you have 3 pages in the dB where each has its own layout number from 1 to 3):

Alternatively … instead of updating existing pages … you can create new pages and assign them their corresponding layout number:

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Awesome. Thanks. I’ll give this a try