HELP: Database Error/Lag ? Application showing old database values even after CSV upload

Dear Fellow Bubblers,

I successfully uploaded some data via CSV. The data shows correctly in the “App Data” tab. However, when i preview my application, it isn’t picking up the new data. It is showing the data source for a repeating group (which looks up that particular table) as “Empty”.

Is there a time lag between uploading the data and seeing it in the application ? I’m unable to figure this out !


EDIT: It was my fault, my privacy settings would not allow me to see the data. Make sure privacy settings are setup correctly

i’m getting something similar. i am having my page do a search for “orders”. i have ten orders in the database but nothing is showing. weird



Hi Tim,

Ok I’m relieved that it isn’t just some silly mistake from my side. The only reason i’m not completely freaked out is because this has happened to me before - some other changes (related to API’s) took ages to reflect in the app a few weeks ago.

I hope someone is able to figure this out.


EDIT: it WAS a silly mistake from my side

Legend ! Thanks Tim !

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