Help Debugging An API call to GA4 API

Hi Bubblers - Happy Holidays.
I’ve got a event posting GA4’s API. I’m using debug version to validate the API call.
Here’s what I have set up:

Here is the error I’m getting back:

I don’t know why the service thinks there is no HTTP/JSON payload.
In the logs I can only see the HTTP Request like this:

I can recreate the error message in postman if I post a request to the service with no body.

Two questions:
Is it possible to get a more verbose log of the API request including the request body in bubble?
Do you see something wrong in the way I’ve created the API call? It looks like it is properly formed but the body of the request seems to be empty even in the logs.

Thank you.

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in the picture of the setup you are setting client_id as a parameter.
Do you see it in the url in your logs?

So apparently if you use the JSON body parameters you can’t use the form parameters also. When I submit client_id as a parameter in the JSON body it works. Who knew!?