Help, display option set in repeating group

I’d like to display the tools I’ve chosen and display them in a repeating group, but I can’t find the right settings to make it work. Here are a few screenshots of how it looks:

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What are you trying to do? Display the Mission’s Tools in the RG?

Basically, there are missions and these missions require certain tools (option set) such as bubble, notion ect. I’ve put this in the form of a list to select several. And on each mission I want to display the selected tools in a repeating group.

In that case, you just need to set the RG’s datasource to the Mission’s Tools.

Except that with what I’ve done, it doesn’t make any sense and it actually displays all the options in the option set with the whole list of tools, not the tools corresponding to the mission in question.


Yes… I can see what you’ve done, and it’s displaying exactly what you’re telling it to.

As I said, you just need to change your datasource to be the Mission’s Tools

i tried…

The message on the right is literally telling you what the issue is… your repeating group has the wrong content type. You need to change the type of content to Tool, and if you click the gray message on the right, it will actually do it for you.

Thanks in fact I found it! I had to do it like this, it works now thank you guys.


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