Help get app accepted by app store & manage my bubble app to do list for a while

I am very close to relaunching my website/app but just have a few hurdles left to get over and Ideally I’d like someone to manage a few mostly bubble related things while I focus on marketing and building the database that my website uses.

One of my main issues is that I am currently in the process of releasing apps on the app stores and have been rejected by apple. I used copilot for their deploy wrapper and already have an app on the play store for android but have been rejected by apple for not having a different enough experience for mobile app users compared to in the browser. I have redesigned my landing page that the app users will see compared to the browser to see if that gets accepted (cause I noticed some other users on the forums suggesting that that worked for them) but I would love to have someone manage this process of changing things with the aim of getting approved by the app store. Preferably someone who have had experience with this and copilot’s deploy service.

I also have a big to do list of little tweaks/changes that I want done to the site and would even consider someone long term to continue helping with (example: fixing positioning of some elements on some pages, using a user’s current location to show things nearby on a map, making sure my data/privacy setup is done properly, etc).

Note: Some of my to do list items are non bubble stuff like creating emails in sendgrid that will be sent to a user when they get a message or sign up to the site. (I already have the content of what the email will say ready)

Here’s a link to my front page, it should give you a good idea of what my website is about but basically it is a website for musicians to create a profile of everything music related about them that they could use to network with other musicians:

Just to be upfront, I don’t have a lot of money to throw at it so if you’re looking for a gig to live off then this is not for you, it is probably more suited to someone who is passionate about bubble/my project and is happy to put some time in for the experience and get a little bit of money in return each week. As a guide (I probably can’t do too much more than $100/week).

If you are interested or have advice for me please send me an inbox message outlining:

  • Your experience
  • How much you would charge (either a weekly or one-off price)
  • How you will help get me accepted on the app store
  • Why you would like to help me/join my project.

please check PM