Help Getting Started with API Workflows


I need my app to have a certain function that I believe will require an API workflow. Besides reading the bubble manual, does anyone have any pointers on how to get started learning about API workflows? I dont have a coding background so I dont know how to begin!

Thank you!

At first, creating a backend workflow could be daunting. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Let me see if I can help.

When creating a backend workflow it’s very much the same as doing a workflow on the front end.

Just a note that might be confusing at first. The ‘key’ is whatever you choose it to be. Also, you have to enable the backend workflows in settings before you will see the option in your page dropdown. Here is an example of a basic backend workflow:

  1. Start with New API Endpoint
  2. Name it whatever you want, just no spaces.
  3. If you are sending data to the backend, like let’s say the current user. You can type in for the key something like currentUser, then for the type just choose User. (see image)

  1. In the workflow you will now be able to reference your currentUser ‘key’ (the data you are sending from the front end).

  2. On the front end you can now see an option to Schedule your API Endpoint, mine is called ‘example’. (See image)

I hope that helps a little bit to get you started. :blush:


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