Help - Google results showing bubble app not deployed

Hi, hopefully I have missed something really simple here. I have been live for 2 weeks now but Google is just picking up the default bubble app not deployed page. See live test results in screenshot. I have tried multiple things but can’t get this to update. Any assistance greatly appreciated as driving me mad!

Google picks it up correctly (you maybe should change the page title).

So it’s just the preview image that isn’t displayed or fetched correctly.

OK that’s strange. My search results look different. This is what I see on mobile.

So I just added Google Analytics and suddenly the preview on webmaster tools is correct. Hopefully this has kicked it! Live test is still wrong but hopefully this will now update. Could just be coincidence but worth a try if anyone else is having issues.

Did you try clearing your cache, cookies and so on? :slight_smile: Maybe this could be the issue.

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I tried that, tried on different computers, phones, incognito, search tools etc. Literally within minutes of installing analytics code and watching/testing real time results and the Google index updated. Could be coincidence but either way my frustration is now over! Thanks for your help.

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