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[HELP!] Help with advanced searching with lists

Hello - I have a list of users.

  • My API creates a list of id’s (each user has an id)
  • I want to take this list, compare it with the list of users I already have
  • Finally I want to remove any users that are in my list of users, but that is NOT in my API list

I understand I will probably need to take my current list, minus list: My list intersects with the API list

This confuses me as I trying to remove users, but I only have ID’s (text) - how am I able to get a list of users from a list of texts?

Bump - I cant figure this out!

2 questions:

  • Is this list of IDs derived from the uniqueIDs that Bubble creates for each user?
  • Can you access this list of IDs when you write Bubble functions/expressions?

If so, you can explore solutions where you filter the list of Users based on whether the User’s UniqueID it is or isn’t in the API ID list. Then on that filtered list of users you can perform “delete list” or a recursive workflow to delete Users individually.

  1. No it is not.
  2. Provided I use the API to get the list of ID’s, yes i can reference it and use it in current calls.