Help! How do I upload pictures in masses?

Hi fellow bubblers.

I have pictures in my bubble database, but they haven’t been uploaded and so aren’t in the ‘file manager’ this means I can’t compress them when I’m displaying them.

If I upload them using an image uploader, it fixes the problem and I can then go onto compress them using imgx.

Problem: I have over 6,000 lines, how do I re-upload these in a way that they become part of the file manager area? (I’m a bit of a newbie, I apologise for not using correct terminology!)

These images/files you have now, how were they uploaded originally? And are they Bubble files (stored in file/image field) or are you storing a text link to the image? Is it an external storage provider?

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  1. Create a recurring workflow on your database to go through your files.

  2. For each, use the /upload endpoint to reupload the file to the manager of your app - which has been covered many times in the forum.

They were uploaded by csv, I believe. They’re stored as images, but do not go into the file manager.

Yea probably do what @redvivi says, a recursive workflow.

Just make sure you don’t accidently create 6000 orphan files. Have some action to delete the old ones after reupload. Test the workflow on 1 or 2 files to make sure it does what you want.

I thinking how you would do this…

  • Make a new field called “Old image”
  • Do the action Make changes to a thing Set the old image to the Thing’s image, then set the new one to Thing's image:saved to S3 (not sure if this would reupload it or not but worth a try)
  • Make a new workflow that recursively deletes each “Old Image”
  • When you’re done with this whole project you can delete the “Old image” field
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