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Help - how to create a search results page that matches address to companies listed at this address from different sources


New to Bubble and loving it so far. Academy is great but I’m clearly missing something.

I’m trying to build a database with search functionality with two data sets.

  1. Addresses
  2. Companies

I have created a basic search input with autocorrect that returns a list of matching addresses.

The next part that I’m stuck with is when clicking a specific ddress, I would like to send the user to a page with an RG that contains all of the businesses that are listed as being at that address along with the specific Company data. Essentially a search result page.

What is the easiest way of doing this?

The only way I can show the results page at the moment (not dynamic) is with all companies.

Eventually I want to gather address data from 3 different sources (2 x APIs / 1 x Database) and match every business listed at each address? The match is key here. Each business will be listed at an address. The user wants to see all businesses listed at this address.

Help would be greatly appreciated.