HELP, How to go Live in Hobby Plan

Hi, I am very new on Bubble (2nd day as a matter of fact). I did an app (kind of only a test), and I want to go live and try it. However, what I read is, I should put a live URL in setting|domain/email|Domain Name. However, if I put my custom website name there, I need to at least go for Personal Plan. But if I want to stay Hobby Plan, what URL should I put on Domain Name?

Or is it impossible to go live in Hobby Mode.

You can “go live,” but it’ll be at the URL. No way to add a custom URL unless you upgrade plans.

I did took your advice and go live… now one related questions… I use my cell phone to go to “” but somehow my screen on phone comes out not right
The wordings are all over the place… I already sent every pages to Responsive , and chose Cell Phone mode… still looks very very awkward. do you know why?

In the editor, you have to manually customize all the elements to look good in responsive. Bubble doesn’t do it for you.

Hi there,

Did you find the preview mode already? When in ’ development mode’ Go to Preview( top right corner) and then just copy paste the link and send it to you mobile and open it there.
Now everytime you change something you can renew the page on you mobile and see the direct result.
Can help with quick troubleshooting.

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