|Help| How to make text visible to everyone when a user is admin

I was the “Is Staff” only to show when that user “isadmin”. How do I do that. Where the demo user is. Is where all the users will be. I will be willing to give more screenshots!

Don’t know if I did it right…

dont forget to check that box

Oh, I will try that…

yes because you can use that statement to hide things also.

Still Doesnt Work

Double check that your user is admin:yes from database

oops, reword your statement to say is when:
‘current cell’s user is admin’ this element is visible :white_check_mark:
and you could keep that text visible all the time and instead of switching visibility you can change what the text of that text is,
Staff , Regular, Member, Admin, Moderator etc.
Also i think remove “is” Just have
Typically you want the username/Name a larger font-size than the ‘role’ you have them the other way around.

Well way 1, my way still isnt working. Can you tell how to work out your way.

-make a development deployment of your app, name it ‘before forum help’

-go to settings/general: change to anyone can edit then copy the link of your app’s editor,

-paste it here or in a private message and i will get it working just how you want.

Thanks! You were are great help!

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