Help! I don't think I get Bubble search at all

Hi everyone,

I’m building a website to find caregivers for elderly parents and have several criteria I’d like users to search for when they look for a caregiver:

  • location
  • num of elderly need accommodating
  • how soon does the user need the service
  • type of caregiver the user is looking for

I’ve been very frustrated with Bubble search when it comes to multiple criteria. Sometimes it outputs results, sometimes it doesn’t. Or it outputs results but doesn’t cover all the cases. I just don’t get it!

The flow goes like this:
When an user clicks on the search button after filling in the criteria info, it will “send more params” to another page called search-result. This search-result page receives the params and display the results through a repeating group of all the listings that matches the criteria, like this:

But for some reason, it just couldn’t work right.
Appreciate any help! Thank you very much!

What do you mean exactly when you say it’s not working?

It will help if you can be more specific with your description of what’s wrong if you want anyone to be able to suggest a solution…

Also, why are you using ‘any field’ and not specific fields to constrain your search results?…

Hi adam,

I did mention this in my post “Sometimes it outputs results, sometimes it doesn’t. Or it outputs results but doesn’t cover all the cases”.

I use Any field because the data types in the listing are option set or another data type with multiple fields.
For example, CG_type (caregiver type) is an option set, starting is a field in the data type named Availability. And I don’t know how to put specific fields without getting red errors. I hope you get what i meant…
Thank you…

You need to constrain to your properties to a specific parameter I believe. When your output “sometimes” works, it’s not Bubble’s fault.

Yeah it sometimes works, but I believe it doesn’t output all possible results that match the criteria.
How do I constrain search to specific params, if for example, my “starting” criteria is embedded as a field in data type named Availability thats not in the Listing type?

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