*Help, I need somebody, Help!* - Getting Put Through The Ringo

Hi fellow Bubble’rs,

I apologize if this question seems silly. I’m used to MS Access and still getting used to Bubble’s database setup. I’m building an app that allows people to save “career cards” and then attend info sessions given by companies that hire for those saved careers.

Data is organized into data types as:

  • Companies
  • Career Cards
  • Info Sessions

Companies are linked to Career Cards by a “List of Career Cards” field (one-to-many). The Info Sessions are linked to Companies through “Company Name”.

The goal is to show a user the upcoming Info Sessions by Companies based on Career Cards they have saved to their profile.

The issue is when I create a Repeating Group to try and show the company name and next info session date (both fields in the Info Sessions data type), it doesn’t display any data. The RG “type of content” is “Info Sessions”. As an example, the dynamic text content for the Company Name text box is "Current Cell’s Info Sessions’s Company’s Company Name. I’m attaching photos of everything for easy reference.

Any help you can offer is much appreciated!


Check the privacy settings of each data type and erase them with the trash icon for now.

You can return later on to address security once you are more familiar with Bubble.

Thank you @cmarchan, all privacy settings are “publically visible” and do not seem to allow for deleting.

Did you check the privacy tab?

@cmarchan It looks like there are no privacy data rules:


Going through the basics … did you ensure that there are actual entries with all necessary relationships in the database?

@cmarchan Thank you. Yes, there is one company with two career cards associated and an info session date added.


I get that the app allows users to save career cards in order to attend sessions that hire for those careers.

I am not sure the current dB structure enables the above.

This is a suggested dB structure to enable the above (show a user the upcoming Info Sessions by Companies based on Career Cards they have saved to their profile):

Title (text)

Title (text)
Careers (list of careers)

Title (text)
Card (card)

Title (text)
Career (career)
Company (company)

Name (text)
Card (card)

Repeating group sessions
type: session
data source: search for sessions where current user’s card careers contains this session’s career