Help - image url always showing in repeating group

Hi everyone,

I have a little problem that I can’t solve by myself and I didn’t find anything on the forum. I have an image in a repeating group with an url that changes for every cell. I want the app to not to show anything ( or maybe to show a “no photo” text") if the url is not valid, but it seems it always shows something wrong, maybe the image that was there before or the image of the previous cell. I cannot find a condition like: “the returned image is empty” or “the url is not valid”.

Can someone help me with a workaround?

Thank you,

What does the preview look like?

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Hi Liam,

I’ll want it to be blank if url is not valid, instead I get the wrong image…

This one is the right image linked to the right cell…

Here the preview is not valid but an image of another book is showing up!

Hope you can understand the point…

Thank you!

any idea?

still can’t find a solution… this is really annoying! I can’t figure out if this is my problem or a bug of the app

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