Help in Lakewood, CO

Hi there! Is there anyone in the Denver, CO area who would have time to get together with me and show me the basics? I am walking through the step by step, but I want a better overall understanding of how it all comes together. Plus I’d like to walk someone through the features of the app I want to build and see if they can be built on bubble.



You should check out Udemy courses. There are a few that are very good and will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Here is the one I used, it is currently on sale, but they go on sale every few weeks, so if you miss out, it won’t be long till it’s cheap again.


Great! Thank you! I love Udemy I’ve learned a lot on that site.

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I am following it right now. Although I have some experiences I still learn some cool stuff about how to best approach certain basic things