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HELP! Is it possible to make an API call work on both dev and live?

I have an API that is currently set to work with my development endpoint, but I want this to work on both live and dev but use the appropriate database. I wondered if the [] param option could be used to either ADD /version-test/ or REMOVE it if the API call is from the live version.

Anyone have ideas?

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Following this because I’d like to know also what the best way to do this was. I tried this checkbox but I didn’t think it made any difference but didn’t dig too deep.

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Hey @eLPDev :wave:

I’m not sure what you have setup already. It really depends on how it’s set up. If what @lindsay_knowcode says doesn’t work. Maybe try this:

What I have done is put it in like this /version-[VERSION]>

Then for VERSION I would put pass along app version. This would show either test or live. Depending on your version of course.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hey, @J805! Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking that sounds like what I’m wanting! Just trying to picture it.

Do you have any pics you can share on the API config side?

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I don’t have an example set up. Can you share a screenshot of yours and I can mark it up to what it should be? :blush: