Help launching my first Plugin

I’ve created a my first plugin it’s a Image Lightbox and Slideshow and I think it would be pretty useful for the community. However when I wanted to share it I ran into 2 issues that I would really appreciate your help with.

  1. My company is registered in Estonia where Stripe is not available. Is there any way to charge for a plugin without Stripe? It seems crazy to setup another company in the US to be able to make plugins.

  2. As I understood, I cannot give the plugin for free initially and then charge with later versions. Is this so?

  3. It states… “Please do not launch a plugin that is not ready to be used by the public yet in open source. If you do so it will be removed from the open Marketplace”… Is there not a process of releasing the app in Beta and letting users test it and give feedback. I’m unsure as to the process expected.

If you want to check out the plugin you can see the demo here


It works well on PC, but OS and iOS, image look like this (very small windows in a corner). Maybe because of new iOS update or OS?


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Thanks so much pointing that out, it should be fixed now. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it at such an early stage before proper testing.

My main concern at this stage were the answers to the 3 questions. Having said that if you have any more feedback that would also be appreciated :slight_smile:

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