Help linking user created data (App Data) to a new Data Type

Hi everyone! Sorry if this question does not make sense or if I sound like a 5yo haha.

Users (Recruiters/HR) create jobs and candidates in my app, jobs and candidates are naturally separate data types. To create a job, the user has to complete multiple inputs and drop-down from option sets and other data fields. I have been able to add jobs, and see all the data in my App Data.

Here is the issue I cannot solve.

When a user is adding a candidate, I would like them to have the ability to “tag the candidate to a job” that is already in my database. When creating a dropdown element type, I am unable to link to jobs in my App Database. Is that possible?

That should be possible - are you able to put Jobs as the data type of the drop-down?

Your answer helped a lot! I was using Jobs as the data type, but not utilizing the “Search for…” Choice search. Thanks for letting me know I was in the right place but doing the wrong thing lol.

Here is another question. Each job has multiple interview questions that are saved in the database with the job. Is there a way to auto-fill the interview questions to the candidate profile, based on the job they are now tagged to? I am thinking this needs to be a table element instead of an input.

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I would recommend either the table element or a repeating group. Set the group data type to whatever datatype the Interview questions are. Have its data source be something like Dropdowm Job’s List of Questions.

Would that work for you?