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[Help] Logic for setting up a select menu

Sup y’al,

Need some help with setting up logic that allows a user to pick an option from a dropdown menu, and the value gets shown and stacked or added to a type of list in the text box below “choose and option”. See image.

My current thought is to create new fields under listings for each option added, and somehow call the data back in the text box below “choose and option” as seen in image. However, with my current logic, every time the green icon is clicked, it creates a new listing item rather than keep all selected options on the same listing.

I hope that makes sense.

Create a field under listing that is a list and type Service (or text?) I can’t tell if Service is another data type or just a text value.

Then the workflow for the button should be "make a change to a thing (a listing) > Services (the list field) add dropdown’s value.

Replace the text box below with a repeating group: source = listing’s services. Each cell will be each service value in that list. Let me know if any of this needs expanding.

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Thanks Gaby.

The Type of service are just 4 static text options.

The solution you have above makes sense, but where I am having a problem is…I want the user to be able to choose their type of service from the drop down, hit the add button (green arrow), and have that service type show up below as a chosen option (which I guess means it gets added to the list as the 1st item in the list). The the user can add another type of service option, which now shows up below the 1st option previously chosen (which gets added to the list as the 2nd item in the list)…and so on.

I cannot seem to properly add the 2nd type of service option to the same list field as the 2nd item in the list, instead, it creates a new listing.

Can you share a link or a screenshot of your workflow for that button click? It sounds like you need to change it from “Create a new listing” to “Make a change to a listing” - If you do have that and are still experiencing this, a link will help me troubleshoot it a little better.

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