Help! Logic to check if EACH grouped calculation is larger than the previous

Hi folks, I need help with some logic:

Try to check to see if each grouped calculation (sorted) is larger than the previous:

Is the formula at the bottom the best way to do this? And if so, that become unsustainable after 5+ groupings. My actual database has 10+ calendar years.

Why not just store the calculation with the year in a data set?

Thanks, yes I could do that. That would remove the grouped by portion of the logic - what would be the best way compare each year to the previous year?

All use case dependent. If you’re looking for the data on the air itself you can just store the year over year change. If you’re looking at the current set of you have you can just do a search for the year of the parent grouping or you can flip it around and have a repeating group of the years and within there find the groupings that match the actual year record