Help me: Client Relationship Management (CRM)

So basically, i’m creating a CRM for my company I want my employees to be able to create new clients and search them up. So when a new client gets added but wants to update their information later on, I want my staff to be able to search them up and have the ability to change it. Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

That seems like something Bubble can handle just fine. What exactly do you need help with? Do you have it started and are you stuck somewhere? Let us know and maybe we can help. Otherwise there are freelancers and agencies that can also do the work for you. Let me know if we can help somehow.

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The key to this task is the email.
The manager creates a client card and if such a client is in the database he is tightened. If the client has not registered yet, the field is empty. In the registration you need to add a check if there is a card with such an email then add the created new user to it. Something like this )))

So basically, I currently have the signup and login set. I just don’t know how to create a database where my employees can search up clients and change information, etc. I would also like to have supervisors be able to check reports that employees made i.e. dial reports, contact supervisor, etc.

Have you considered looking at the Templates and Courses offered by 3rd Party’s. There are certainly Templates for CRMs (some paid and probably at least one free). I would bet there is a course out there that creates a CRM as it’s example. Try searching this Forum for courses and search Bubbles Templates. A small investment of time and perhaps a little money will save you months of time.

I’ve known some Bubblers say not to buy Templates, to learn from scratch yourself but as a former teacher/lecturer I know the power of examples. This is exactly how I learnt Bubble myself. Assuming you find someone that follows good structure and good naming conventions you should be able to learn as you go. In fact I still often do it. I model what I’m building on the best ideas I’ve seen from others and throw in my own flavour.

If you want to build crm from scratch for your business, it is a good idea to learn more about this process before you start.