Help Me, Failing Responsive Mode

Hello! I am editing a header for my site ( and I want the site to work on mobile. I want to make it so that the text that says “Ani-Xan” hides after the text (link) that says “Chat” is hidden.
Please help so that I don’t :sob:. Thank you!
(I want the image to be fixed width and the button (maybe) not be fixed width.)

The link you are sending can only be seen by you. You’ll need to send a public link and maybe some screenshots for someone to effectively help you.

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Copy the link after clicking preview. I’d also take a screenshot and/or describe how you’re setting up your workflows and logic. Good luck :+1:

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Like this? Ani-Xan

I like this:

But I want “chat” and “profile” to be on the same ‘line’ (I actually want everything on the same ‘line’, as you can see on the last three image uploads.

When the header goes this far, I want (1) to go up, (2) to hide and (3) - an image - to stay there on any device.
Here are the lines: