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Hi everyone!

So I’m new to this app but have been playing around for a few weeks now, and I want to get started with my app concept. It’s a basic concept. I want users to be able to post an image, and have others like and comment on that image. I also want users to be able to follow other users. That’s all I need to get my app launched, and all the other concepts can be done later. Besides the given tutorials by, anyone have any sources or references that may help me?

I found @gregjohnkeegan’s course on Udemy to be one of the best “how to get started” guides around:

It has a ton of great content and you can focus in on the sections you need. I also really appreciate his attention to design, which shines throughout the course.

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Thank you. I will check it out!

We have an Instagram clone tutorial at that would be perfect for your use case! You should be able to learn how to build all of these features from this one tutorial alone.

Thank you, I’m in love with your courses and have paid for multiple. I’m definitely pleased with your content!! It helped me so much!

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