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Help me to solve this feature like twitter thread creation

Hi friends,

I’m working on this project, It is like tweeter threads,

Functions and working :

  1. when user clicks on add post it, It will create new section in repeating group
  2. User can add contents for a selected repeating group’s sections(Post name 1) and save it
  3. once user add contents for all these RG’s Sections, user can publish it and it will shows like tweeter’s threads one by one in viewers end.

My questions :

  1. How to add content for particular section in repeating group, like how I can add post name 1, post name 2 content and save it in same right card, when I click post name 1, I can see it’s added value and edit,

  2. How I can combine all these contents and publish it ?

Please share your answers and thanks for visiting !

hey @iamprakash0105,

it’s a lot to type, so I built a demo for you here, you can play with it to see how it was built.

Basically, add two custom states to the page or the container wrapping these groups in your screenshot: post and selected-section. The right-side group should be of type post-section and the data source should be the container’s selected-section.

When the button (add post) in the left group is clicked, create a post section and make sure you connect it to the main post. It should appear on the left when create it, and when you click a post section from the left set state selected-section of the container to the clicked “post section”. You can add a yes/no property to the post and make it no by default, and when publish post is clicked switch it to published (or make it a toggle). (20)

hope this helps!


Wow, this is amazing , thanks a lot hanan1 ! :grinning:

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Hi, Please don’t remove this page in bubble, I’m working on it, I’ll complete it in 3days, I can understand the functions you done but please keep this for my reference, you can delete or remove it after 3days (23 January),

Thanks for this help !

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Hi @iamprakash0105! May I ask will you actually be posting to Twitter or are you only creating your own feature? I’m trying to create Twitter threads using the @Pathfix plugin with n replies but I’m not sure how to set it up for a variable number of reply workflows.

Hi, this is not for posting it to twitter, I’m working on project similar to twitter thread creation, thanks

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oh I’ll keep it, there is no reason to remove it. Take as long as you need it will always be here :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @hanan1