Help MicrosoftGraph

Hi everyone,

So I’ve successfully set up a plugin that connects to Microsoft Graph and logs the user in through Microsoft login. I’ve also managed to send a POST request by doing the following:

  1. Create button
  2. In workflow “Create a new thing…”
  3. Creating a value for a field using “Get data from an external API”
  4. Select a request which I set up in the plugin for “API Provider”
  5. Fill in the parameters for the POST request.
  6. Assign a random value to the database value

However, this seems quite devious plus for certain POST requests I run into problems. Some POST request do not return any data and I can therefore not use those POST requests as I can’t complete step 6. It seems like there should be an easier way but can’t seem to find it.

In other words: Is there another way to send a POST request?

Anyone got a solution?

Thx in advance!