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Help Needed ASAP! Looking for help building Okta SSO plugin

Our app allows enterprise customers to sign in via Okta, but the problem is that we rely on the API Connector while doesn’t allow for dynamic data. I’m looking for a developer to help me convert our set up in the API connector to a plugin so we can utilize dynamic data across our various sub-apps.

More information:

Almost all of our customers use Okta for their single sign-on. We use Bubble’s sub-app feature to give each customer it’s own dedicated URL and database, but the problem is that any time I push from the main app to sub-apps, the values in the API connector get overwritten. This means that to use the sub-app feature, I’d have to reinitialize the call on the sub-app.

I originally followed these instructions that I found on the forum to build the Okta SSO via the API connector.

I was looking through the forum earlier today and found this thread where you can make a call that you use in the API connector into a plugin. I think if we were able to convert the current Okta SSO (done via the API connector) to a plugin, we’d be able to go back to using the sub-app feature and I wouldn’t have to worry about all of the inconsistencies between applications. According to Bubble, pushing to sub-apps doesn’t overwrite the plugin keys for the sub-apps.

Anyone available to help with this? Paid job of course!

Hey Toby! You can post your project to and receive proposals from our vetted Bubble developers or work through this issue with a mentoring session. Feel free to post your project or schedule a mentoring call with one of our experts.