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Help needed - building service catalog with Manufacturer, Model, Style, Service Relationship

I’m new to bubble but have used database systems like knack and quickbase. I need help understanding how to link data properly the bubble way.

For example, my business repairs mobile electronics. I want to create a catalog of our services. With knack or quickbase I would create a few tables with parent/child relationships:

Model Styles
Services Offered

A manufacturer has many models.
A model may have many styles.
A model and style has many services offered at different prices.

I then link that data to the repair workflow and inventory management.

How do I create a backend in bubble to do this the right way? If a customer wants an iMac repair they need to be able to search for the repair by selecting the manufacturer, Apple, followed by device model, iMac, followed by what type of repair service they need, hard drive replacement, for instance.

I really appreciate your help!

I know it’s a bit hokie to say, but really take the time to go through the interactive lessons. Hands down they are very good utilities that will help you solve about 80% of your issues to get started. Someone took a lot of time to put them together and they are very well done.

I went through them in one afternoon and was pretty ready to get started building. I only say this because the interactive lessons (and videos) really helped to set me on my way.

Hope it goes well.


You would embed the data types exactly as you have described.

So you create Manufacturer and Model, and then add a field to Model called Manufacturer and select the type to be Manufacturer.

Then on Manufacturer you can have a field called Model which is a list of Models .

Thanks for your help. That makes total sense. I love this platform, but it had my head turned around at first. Working from UI first is cool, but I am trying to grasp how to import my pre-existing backend of catalogs into the bubble backend in a way that translates properly to the UI.

I’m working at it. Thanks, Nigel, for your help. I’ll take as much advice as I can get!

Good advice. I did this very thing yesterday, and it did help a ton.

I still struggle to totally “get it”. I’ve got a ton of pre-existing data that I want to import into the bubble backend and want to make sure that I’m doing it in a way that will ensure that the data works correctly with the UI. Parent/Child relationships are slowly starting to make more sense for me. I’m working hard!