Help needed: overcome limitations of link element

Hi all,

I’m struggling to properly link pages.
I need to use the link element for SEO purposes (crawlers don’t see the workflow-based navigation).
However: links only support text, I need to be able to ‘wrap’ whole groups. Besides that I need to be able to trigger workflows based on link-click.

Do you know of a plugin that supports these needs, or an other way to achieve this?

Many thanks!


Hi @steven11 ,

I don’t know how you designed the stuff right now but maybe you could combine both things ? Normal action for better ux and links somewhere on the page for the SEO.

I haven’t tested something like that - but that’s the first thing that came up to my mind after reading your question.


Hi @Guru ,

Thanks! Yes that is kinda what I do now. But it is very error-prone, both from a use-perspective as from maintenance (need to double all workflows, or define custom-workflows for each).

Example of biggest drawback:
I have a group with a navigation-workflow (plus other actions). Within that group is a link element for SEO. When someone clicks the link however, all the workflows for the group-click aren’t executed.

I could overcome this by making the link very small, but that is way to hacky for my liking. Plus Search engines really don’t like it.

Ok I think I stumbled upon the best solution . Still hacky, but better than before.

It is not possible to trigger a workflow based on a click on a link-element. It is however possible to first create a butten. Create the workflow. Then change the element to a link (using the right-click menu on the button element).

I then position the link element above the rest of the elements and set it to 100% width and height. Covering the whole card.

This way I get the link functionality & the option to trigger a workflow.

Just thinking out loud here, but why not just add the hyperlink as a HTML element?

Hi, That would probably work as well. But then all the links would needed to be hard-coded with magic links - losing the handiness of the link element

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