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Help needed: search for users with a specific domain in their email

I have a sort of CRM application.
I have the possibility to create a list of Email domains (search users -> Email extract domain -> unique_items.) great, that works, but…
If I click on a given domain in that list I want to see all the users with an Email adres with that domain. f.i. I want to see all the employees of that company with thesame domain in their email.
I can not get it to work, because if I do a search for Email = I can only use the ‘=’ and not something like ‘contains’ or whatever.
I can not filter on Email domains.

Any solutions? What am I doing wrong?

Did you get any answer to this?

Create an extra field with just the domain extracted from the email address.
When a user signs up, add the domain to this field.
easy workaround but it just works…