Help needed to build an app to send SMS

Hi guys,

I am feeling awesome and looking to learn something new. Honestly, I know nothing about building apps.

Now I need to build an app that could help me send SMS to my contacts. So, I have a SMS service provider who has provided me with an API key and some documentation code that I need to copy and paste in my app maybe. Now in order to reach to that point, I need an app.

Onto the frontend, I need the app to have option to upload a group of contacts like importing a .csv file. Then, ability to write a message, select the contacts or group and send messages to them is what I need.

So this event should trigger the API of my SMS service provider and that should be able to deliver the message to my contacts. It would be great if I am also able to get a callback URL in the app so if I get incoming message, it gets delivered to my app.

I am not sure if I have been able to explain well or not, kindly suggest as per your best effort.

Thanks in advace.

CoBubble has a great course on sending SMS with Bubble:

As far as the front end, plenty of ways you can do it and lots of courses to help you get there :slight_smile:

Uploading CSV is a bit of a trickier issue than you’d expect, but again CoBubble to the rescue with their data parser and data api plugins:

Note: the above is for large jobs - Bubble does have a way to upload smaller CSV files but I needed a lot at once for my app and so had to use the CoBubble way.

Good luck - I built a VERY complicated automated followup system with Bubble (texts, emails, voicemails, etc.) with advanced scheduling so it’s very possible to do.


There are two services that people have used, Twilio and Plivo, to send and receive SMS.

If you do a forum search you will find the instructions, Plivo proved to be somewhat easier than Twilio.