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Help needed to get a page from draft to live (plus add some more features later)

Hey everyone,

I have been working on a platform but have come to realize that I need more experienced bubblers to finalize it. The basic idea is to find cold water spots for swimming / cold immersion (related to the Wim Hof Method, It’s a bit like Yelp for cold water spots.

Here’s the test app:

These are the intended features:

  1. Show the cold spots nearby the user (dependend on geolocation)
  2. Search for cold spots via a map (like a google map search).
  3. pin new cold spots on the map (via GPS coordinates, important for mobile usage)
  4. add additional information to the new cold spot such as photos, a description, a star rating, etc.
  5. if easily doable: allow other users to upload their pictures of the cold spot, too
  6. provide a discussion thread for this cold spot
  7. I would to let the users indicate if they want to swim at such a cold spot. (“I want to swim here” button). If they click on this button they will be asked on which days they would like to do so. This information shall be aggregated and used to help users find “swim buddies” as cold swimming is dangerous alone… (on a side note: I wanted to make the “find swim buddies and chat” functionality to be only available on a paid plan. That’s why you see the “Pricing” info on the front page. But at the moment I want to push to site to the market as quickly as possible to get some feedback. As you can see from the length of the description, this feature is quite a bit of work. I think the platform will provide enough value without it at the beginning. Looking forward to your input regarding this.

Features 1-4 are implemented to a certain extent already. You will see it in the test version. Besides that, the design is not where I would like it to be (especially on mobile). You will see that, too, in the test version. :wink:

How much work do you think is still needed to release a first MVP?
How much would you charge for that?

Looking forward to your replies!

Hi @simon.hegener

I have gone through the information you’ve just shared. Lets connect over e-mail: victor[dot]cisin10[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss it in more detail.

Victor P

Hello, I can help you, I have worked in many other apps for clients who use a very similar structure, here is my page if you´re interested I will also send you a private message :slight_smile: