Help needed with Stripe redirect page

Hi everyone, I appreciate any help here.

I’m using (Stripe plugin pro), While on payment page, If client clicks on (back button) or cancel payment, it should be redirected back to the booking form without reseting input (booking form), how can I achieve this?

Thank you in advance


Once you redirect to another page you lose all the page state, including forms.
If you want to persist the state you can save it in the database and set the initial value of the inputs to what you saved.

For example if you have a form with product and quantity you can create a data type with a field for the product, one for the quantity and one for the user. Before redirect you save in the database the current state of the form. The inputs can be set to have the initial value to the saved data with a search on the database.

I hope this can be helpful :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your helpful tips. Now I know how, I will be busy making this happen.

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