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I am trying to make a website/app that will show “Recruitment Status”, And I want a page view able to view the status. And another page just for admins to update that status. I have included a video on how I would like it to work. If someone could please help me that would be great!

hi @chanpratt2013 your video is unavailable.

@exception-rambler try that now. should have been fixed

Check out ‘Saving stuff on the server’ (Although heads-up, this is a really old video - but the concepts still follow), and then ‘Displaying data in a repeating group’ at

Follow a few of the intro videos and you should be able to do this easily.

I took a look at the video and it didn’t help for me in my case. I have talked to a friend and he watched the video and he said the same thing. And it also says the drop down isn’t compatible to save the status.

Sorry that it didn’t work out for you @chanpratt2013.

I’m not sure I can advise you anything other than to go back to basics and learn the Bubble fundamentals. I wouldn’t describe what you are looking to do here as a feature, but instead it is just a use case for Bubble’s most simple concepts.

Make sure that you have gone through all of the tutorials thoroughly and I would then follow up with a more in depth bit of learning from one of the following: Best bubble learning sources available online. Many Bubbler’s will have started out with something like the AirBnB tutorial on

You’ll find the forum really quick to help once you have got some of these core skills under your belt.

Good luck!

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