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HELP on budgeting an app project

Hi Bubblers,
I am having a hard time estimating a budget for one of my customer’s projects.

It’s a marketplace with 2 users roles (a service provider and a consumer) and the app owner (Admin) .

These are the main features requested:


  • The user can register as a provider by filling a form of personal information.
  • The provider can offer a list of services with a list of available time slots (Starting time - Ending time) per service.
  • The provider is able to manage (cancel/edit) his posts and see the list of consumers interested in each time slot.
  • The provider is able to chat directly with any of the consumer (Direct message) or with the group of consumers (Group message) of the specific time slot once they booked.


  • The user can register as a consumer by filling a form of personal information.
  • The consumer is able to search and filter the services by Location, price, category and type of audience.
  • The consumer is able to book a provider time slot that is still available.
  • The consumer is able to manage his bookings by being able to see upcoming services with status and cancelation option.
  • The consumer is able to chat directly with the provider (Direct message) or with a group of consumers (Group message) related to the specific booked time slot.


  • The app owner is able to approve/reject the provider posts.
  • Email notifications to be sent to:
  1. Provider/Consumer upon bookings.
  2. Provider upon a post modification.
  3. Provider/Consumer upon service time slot cancelation.

My client requests to build all of the above for the MVP first release which does not include stripe payment integration.
I know it would require more discussion to get to a closer budget estimation but I can’t provide all the details here. I am just looking for a rough estimation anyway.
Thank you so much in advance for any advice.

different approaches:
see what agencies ask for a basic project. take off 20% as your overhead is EU/US you arrive at 8k for a basic project [some agencies charge 20k some 5 but i often see 10].

assume you will take a month of working fulltime ie 160 hours. now take an hourly that is common for people in your country. experts 80€, intermediates 60, beginners 40 in Germany France, Scandinavia and UK. Double it for USD. Take off 30% for non German EU country. Take off 70% for non EU. Now do 160* hourly. Take off 20%. That is your price [I agree this is extremely simplified, maybe prejudiced and very subjective, not trying to offend people, just trying to help] [as you see here your long-term goal should be American or EU clients while living in a country with free health-care and cheap living :D]


Thanks for your reply @TipLister . It does help partially but how do you define a basic project? With the description provided above, does it seems like a basic project or more advanced?

this is a basic project. good to learn bubble and gain confidence.
you have basic database setup.
there is 2 sides of a marketplace
they see some shared, some individual data on around 5-20 different pages.
mostly you have groups, repeating groups and some flows between pages.
the only api you need is google maps. there is lots of forum documentation on this.

a project like this was one of my first 2 years ago. I took a month fulltime and still had to learn responsive editor. making pages responsive takes longest out of everything. i had around 2 weekly calls with the client to exchange questions/designs/progress
no workflows were hard to debug. there are no backendworkflows needed.
it is mostly create data, edit data etc.

the only hard thing i see is the scope of the “booking functionality”
if each week I as the provider can add my availabilities, this is basic
however if i want to copy availabilities from last week to the next 10 weeks it can get more complex and you may need an api workflow and some good understanding of bubble backendworkflows.



Thanks for your detailed answer and for going beyond.
I did build the same type of marketplace but never had to budget the whole scope.
I have seen agencies charging 4kUSD for ‘‘basic app’’ without defining basic. Hence, wanted to make sure to not overpricing it by asking 8kUSD.