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Help on new website for gotham entertainment

Hi I am trying to build a weekly quiz app where a school can set up a school and invited tutors group the the quiz for that week will pop up ( randomly generated from that weeks news ) they will complete it then on the Monday after that week a pop up will appear with who won and the follow ups for that week on another page it will show the winners overall with how many points they get if they get over 10000 points it will send me an notification then on that Monday the last quiz will be gone and a new quiz will appear (in each quiz there will be 10 questions).


Thank you
Jayden gotham
Head and founder of gotham entertainment

Hello @Jaydengotham.G.E

Awesome project!

Totally doable with Bubble :grinning:

Hi could you help me with this how to I do it


I have looked at the already and and can’t find what I am looking for


It is a big app project. What do you need exactly?

All of it

Three options:

  1. Build it yourself
  2. Build it yourself with a coach/coaches
  3. Hire someone or an agency to build it for you

Any of the three require:

  • Scoping of the project
  • Tons of other stuff that derive from the scope :grimacing:

Hi thank you for that I have already looked at them and a can’t find anything it is mainly the auto generated multiple choice question from that weeks news bit


dB model

Title (text)
Questions (list of questions)
Winner (user)

Title (text)
Answer (answer)
Respondent (user)
Quiz (quiz)

FirstLast (text)
(user object)

Title (text)
Question (question)
Quiz (quiz)


  • Upon user sign up schedule recursively the creation of a weekly quiz with questions being added from a weekly list that will be manually created by an app admin so that the questions are new every week (as opposed to having a random choosing of a pool of pre-created questions which could be an option as well)
  • Build an app admin page where all submissions are seen and a weekly winner is manually awarded. Also where new questions can be created and assigned to the new weekly created quizzes
  • Build the page where the quiz will be shown

Just a quick stab at it.

Best of luck with your project :grinning:

That you for that how do I do the auto generation from the news bit

This is the main one I am struggling with

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