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Help on website for school

how to make it so people aren’t allowed to open tabs on other applications

Hello and thanks for posting! Please reach out to Bubble Support with additional details about what you want to accomplish within your app. We are happy to assist once we know more about what you’re looking to build!

Hi I am trying to build a weekly quiz app where a school can set up a school and invited tutors group the the quiz for that week will pop up ( randomly generated from that weeks news ) they will complete it then on the Monday after that week a pop up will appear with who won and the follow ups for that week on another page it will show the winners overall with how many points they get if they get over 10000 points it will send me an notification then on that Monday the last quiz will be gone and a new quiz will appear (in each quiz there will be 10 questions).

Thank you
Jayden gotham
Head and founder of gotham entertainment

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