[Help]Password needed in order to register account!

Hello, I am working on a project and I only want certain users who try to register be able to if they have a word or code that is correct. I don’t want random people being able to register because there will be a lot of traffic through this application.

Hey @wmcglynn14,

In the event that signs users up, you have to create the action of signing up a new user (if it’s not already done). In that action, set everything like you would normally (to create a “Sign the user up” action), but at the end, there is a “Only when” input. (You probably already created an input that is for the secret message), so in the input, write: SecretWord_input - 's value - contains - YourSecretWord. It should look like this:

Do not forget to change the Email by your input that takes the email, same for password, and always change SecretWord by your OWN one.

I hope I answered to your question! If you have any others, please ask me!

Best Regards,