Help please - 1 page design question

Hi Everyone, I am trying to change from navigate to another page to the same page using a parameter and show a group, this part is easy. However the destination group on the same page needs to show the results of step 2 from a workflow and currently looks like this image but if i change the page to the current page it wants me to change the page content type from blank to this type. Is there a way to do this please? If i change the content type of the page it create 26 issues which i can fix but I am note sure I need to adapt it that way. Please see the images below and any help most appreciated?


Set type of the group to Project and display Result of step 2 in that group.

Hi George, thank you for replying, I set the group on the single page design to Project and then back at this work flow I changed navigate to page to the page I want which is the same single page and set a parameter as the group. However in data to send it still shows this in red, “result of step2” I am now sure where I should add the " display result of step 2 in the group"
I am very grateful for your guidance.

This is an action

Is that an action step in the same work flow or on the navigate to a page step? sorry for not understanding, where should I define this action please ?

An action before your go to page action.

Something like this? before the last step of navigate to a page,

Yes, and then reference Group Questions hidden in your dynamic expressions on that page.

Incredible George, thank you so much, I can see my data on my group. Really grateful.