HELP Please! Cross-browser issues

HELP please!

I’ve just launched

I created it on my mac and tested it extensively on Safari and Chrome and all has been working fine but some visitors to my site have said there is no data shown…just the message ‘no cruises today’ which is shown when there are no records. I suspect something is incompatible with Windows/PC.

For some reason I expected it to work the same on all browsers (rookie mistake).

Is there anything cross browser-ish that I should know about bubble??

Any guidance is really appreciated.

Hey there

I’m on a Mac (US-based) and I do not see any cruises available either. Could you give me a specific month and I can check?

Also what are your privacy rules set to?

I tested on Mac and Windows, same results. It’s probably a privacy misconfiguration on the data end as @jcalvarezjr pointed out. Can you share screenshots of your privacy panel for the ‘cruise’ data type?

Hi there jcalvarezjr and philip,

I’ve attached a screenshot:

The only things I can think of as potential causes: lacking data in Live version of app, conditional statement on your repeating group is not returning the search query correctly, or data privacy roles on PortTable or ShipTable is preventing search results from appearing.

Oh I’ve just realised that I no longer actually use the ADMIN role. I am going to delete it, update the database and see if this fixes the problem.

Do you have data in your LIVE DB? Not sure if you know, but the development DB is different than the live DB.

If you have data, then I would check the data source for your repeating group. Might help us if you show the repeating group’s data source with screenshots.

@philip @jcalvarezjr

Could you please try again now.

Hi @Nocodify

Thanks for your help.
I have data in my LIVE DB…here is a screenshot of the live webpage. The RG data source seems to be hooked up correctly. But for some reason, not everyone on every platform can see it populated.

@inga Ok, then this seems to be a data privacy issue.

Please upload screenshots of your privacy settings for users, and all the tables related to the cruises.

Here you go. Thanks @Nocodify

Do you have any privacy settings for “User” @inga ?

Hi @inga, do you mind making your app public with view only permissions. I would need to take a look at how you’re connecting your DB and the repeating group.

I’m not sure how to do that. I’ll need a moment to work it out.

It’s under Settings -> General -> Privacy & Security -> Application rights: Change this to “Everyone can view”. Just make sure you change this back to private when you’re done debugging the issue.

It looks like your repeating group is set up correctly, but all the conditions on your groups are affecting the data from displaying. I’d take a look at all your conditions to make sure they are set up correctly.

For example:

For this data source, this group will always look at the first item in the Repeating groups list of data tables, no matter the position of the cell in your repeating group.

Please take a look at your conditions and data sources. This isn’t a cross-browser issue.

Thanks for looking into it. I’m trying to get my head around the fact that the conditions and datasources that produce the results I want are not doing the same thing for everybody.
Do you think the current/date time mentioned in some of the conditions could be the problem?

I may be clutching at straws but could it have something to do with timezone as there seem to be many people outside of my timezone experiencing problems, and many people in the same timezone loading the webpage ok. Thoughts anyone?