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Help please - how many rows do you see

How many rows of data do you see on this page ?

Can you scroll it down at all ?

If you can find more than 4 rows … what device are you using ?

Thanks !

chromebook… 4 rows, no scroll

LG android… 4 rows, no scroll

What are you trying to make happen??

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If you make the browser window shorter (less than 473px) you will magically see another 3 entries appear. And they stay there if you maximise again … odd.

This is the Ext. Vertical Scrolling function, and I can’t make it work. But the issues doesn’t occur on a macbook it seems.

WOW… you’ve broken Bubble…

That’s VERY odd… Can I see the design page?? Just in case anything occurs to me… we’ve used Ext. Vert Scroll a lot… I hope we aren’t getting any odd results on other machines…

Your right! On Android if you zoom in the extra rows will appear! Very strange indeed.

iPad 4 on opening. 7 on scrolling even a little

Thanks, yes that is what should happen. 4 then the rest appear when you scroll.

isn’t it the same issue than [New Feature] Facebook-like infinite scrolling ?
Nice demo. Straight to the point !

Yes, same issue. Just wanted some examples.

Have loaded up Browserstack, and yes, on OS X (El Capital and Yosemite) in Chrome all 7 appear.