Help please with workflow and Many to many relational

I’m stuck with the workflow to record in two tables from a single popup. Can you give me a hand?
Sorry for my English but I only speak Spanish. Hug
I give you access to my app Mds-cta | Bubble Editor

I guess you’re referring to the first workflow on the page?

It’s not clear exactly what you want to do, but I’m assuming in your second step you want to add the newly created Proyecto to a list field on the Beneficiario, for all the Beneficiario that were added to the newly created Proyecto?

In that case, in your second step, the list to change should be the results of step 1’s list of Beneficiario, and then add the results of step 1 to the Proyecto field.

I’m not sure if your step 3 is intended to be modifying the same list or if that’s a mistake, but there’s no need to have step 3 if it’s modifying the same list - you can make all the modifications on step 2.

If step 3 is meant to be modifying a different list, then just use the same idea as in step 2, but with a different list.

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